Keno Online Australia

Keno gambling online is a game that’s often compared to playing the lottery and this simple yet hugely exciting form of entertainment has made its way online, and been met with a great response. Brightly coloured numbered balls chosen from a pool determine whether you have picked a winner, and the game play is fast and the action furious and full of fun.

Surprisingly, despite its modern feel and the state-of-the-art games that have been created by the web’s top developers, Keno is actually a very old game that’s roots stem back to the ancient Chinese. The history or Keno can be traced back as far as 200BC and it’s clear that this game has not only stood the test of time, but has enjoyed several transitions to be where it is today. The best Australian Keno online and mobile casinos all offer a number of Keno games and players are able to indulge in all the excitement and entertainment 24/7, and whilst many countries offer this game in conjunction with the lottery, with the online versions there’s no need to wait all week to find out if you are a winner!

Online Keno Australia

Keno combines elements of roulette, bingo and poker, yet it’s extremely simple and enjoyable to play. In the game a player will be presented with boxes of 80 numbers and a betting sheet. Wagers are then made on the betting sheet and once all bets are placed the balls will be drawn automatically and the results revealed. A matching ball will result in a win, and the more balls matched, the bigger the return. Once the game has reached its conclusion a player can try their luck again using the same numbers, or they can pick new numbers if preferred.

The winning potential in Keno is enormous and just as Australian Keno gambling online casino enthusiasts love pokies games for their simplicity, so too do they love Keno for exactly the same reason. The game is quick and suspenseful and can result in big wins in a matter of seconds. Many casinos also offer Keno as a free game that can be played for fun, or there are numerous real money options that result in big prizes. Sometimes Keno rewards are not just cash, but can be anything from an exotic holiday to a car, and in this way the game is often compared to bingo. Many players try and use strategy or systems on Keno but its random nature makes it hard to predict the result, and this adds to its challenge and appeal.

Australian Online Keno

Keno is well loved for its nonstop entertainment factor and the its simplicity and millions of players around the world flock to online casinos to enjoy this exhilarating game. For many, Keno is one of the first wagering games they will try before moving on to card comparing games like blackjack or baccarat, and it’s also a fall-back of many gamblers who simply want to enjoy some fun without having to worry about skill, strategy or complicated rules.

Keno remains one of Australian online casino aficionado’s favourites and in order to ensure you join a magnitude of satisfied gamblers we’ve listed a selection of the top casinos that all offer this exciting game!